Florian Thürkow

Professur für Informationssysteme im Tenure-Track

Betreute Arbeiten

Bachelor Thesis

T. Heimann, 2023:

Potentials of ChatGPT for Content Marketing

Business Project

S. Conconi, 2023:

Image Recognition of potential thieves

Bachelor Thesis

F. Meichtry, 22/23 [Bachelorthesis]:

Performance evaluation of ML- object-detection architectures for drone-based hamster hole detection

Industry Project

S. Huber, 2022:

Agrossistant – Field Monitoring System

Business Project

L. Liechti, 2022:

Analyse neues ERP-System BT-Hydraulik AG (Schweiz)

Business Project

F. Meichtry, 2022:

Drone-based recording of stock levels with the assistance of Image classification

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